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Educational Music Academy's aim is to give voice to young musical talents, helping them to give form to their artistic works and to transform their desires into something real and tangible.

Educational Music Academy is aimed at composers, singers, pianists, interpreters and songwriters, independently from the level of experience, so that who whishes to approach music as an art can learn how to behave in today's world to communicate and present their music, be it composed or interpreted.

Educational Music Academy always considers the individual, his projects and what he wishes to express. Those who participate in the courses have the possibility to perfect their artistic project through the study of musical techniques and history of music, which are never an end in themselves.
Educational Music Academy promotes the study of music without boundaries of genre, creating contacts between musicians with different backgrounds, from classical music to rock, from pop to electronic, allowing those who follow the program the possibility of finding a space to exchange ideas and to grow. Activities always follow two parallel paths: individual and in group.

Educational Music Academy, with the cooperation of EMA Edition and Glance Studio, gives students exclusive access to the online platforms and, with exclusive Billboard licence, for consultation and analysis of the most complete and updated international historic-musical archives.

"To create
one's own compositions
and interpretations"

"Advice and support
until final production"