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Workshops with Roberto Cacciapaglia

For the first time Roberto Cacciapaglia holds workshops open to everybody, with no limitations regarding education, previous knowledge or curriculum.

"I came up with the whole formative program while I was on a plane, flying,
connecting to the infinite space because I believe that knowledge and consciousness
must be passed on, shared, and they are the doors of growth and independence."

For those who wish to interpret a song or write a new one and learn the techniques which are at the base of musical communication, culminating in a CD to present to the music industry.

The preparation will be functional to each artistic project; there are no pre-established programs; each program is developed according to each student's needs.

The educational path dedicated to singers, pianists, composers and songwriters, both classical and pop/rock/electronic. It is aimed at those who have experience but wish to perfect and strengthen an existing project but also at those who wish to take their first steps in the world of musical communication. The aim is to prepare a personal space in which to share ideas, a space where they can be born and grow.

To create profession from passion
and open the doors of music without boundaries

"in art, in expression, in beauty, there is also the way for freedom"